David DeWitt, Producer

David is an independent filmmaker with over thirty years experience creating documentary, educational, and marketing films and videos. His work includes cinematography and editing on national documentaries ("Frontline", "The American Experience", PBS specials); and directing/shooting/editing hundreds of corporate, promotional and educational videos.

David has built a reputation for helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera while telling their own stories in their own words. He is a visual storyteller with a talent for creating sharply edited videos that engage viewers and produce results for clients.

Catherine Rhodes DeWitt, Producer

Cathy began her career on the crew of feature films, PBS documentaries, national commercials, and programs including Austin City Limits. She is an award-winning film & video producer; and has also worked as a freelance writer and as a script consultant for the Austin Film Festival, providing detailed analysis and suggestions for refining screenplays and teleplays.

With DeWitt Productions, Cathy is developing several independent projects, while continuing to collaborate on corporate and informational videos for clients.