Waller Creek Conservancy

A Walking Tour of Waller Creek

Running Time - 15:33
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Waller Creek marked Austin's Eastern boundary when the original small town was first platted in 1839. Today, the creek flows through the heart of downtown -- connecting the University of Texas campus and the business and entertainment district with Lady Bird Lake.

But while Austin flourishes, parts of Waller Creek languish -- its course choked with weeds, its banks ravaged by floods, its stonework crumbling, its small wooded sanctuaries all but abandoned to the homeless.

The Waller Creek Conservancy was established by Austin citizens to spearhead and fund a $60+ million restoration project aimed at revitalizing the downtown portion of the creek and its environs. The Conservancy announced an international competition for design proposals to transform Waller Creek into a world-class urban showcase that stewards the area's natural resources and draws the surrounding community into closer connection.

This video was commissioned to document the creek as it is today with its problems and potential. It serves the designers and community as a witness to the ambitious task ahead. Its images also capture Waller Creek's timeless beauty and captivating allure.


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